Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips for Home Buying in Sellers Market

Any time the market changes, it's time to change strategies. During a buyer's market, buyers have the upper hand and can make more demands to sellers over their homes' price and condition. During a sellers' market, buyers concede the upper hand to sellers and are more willing to accept higher prices and terms.
Don't be that buyer who wants to wait until the weekend to view a home in a seller's market. By the weekend, that home could be sold. Try to be one of the first showings. Sellers usually don't enjoy having buyers come through their homes at all hours of the day, so most would like to see their home sold quickly.
If you write a good offer, a fast offer and a clean offer, your chances of acceptance are far better than those of a buyer who is unprepared. It may astonish you to know how many buyers are often unprepared.

Most Important: 

  • Make a Good First Impression
  • Get Pre-approved by a Lender
  • Shop within your price range
  • Be flexible
  • Be ready to make an offer

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    1. Hi Harry! Thank you for showing interest in our blog. These are the most important points to remember when buying a home.

  2. Thanks for sharing tips for us!! I also want to buy a home in dove mountain real estate, and I will definitely look for tips how I can save money on the deal. I am going to consult few of dealers for getting best deal among all.